S.S.C. Leif Ericson

S.S.C. Leif Ericson

This project was a serious nostalgia trip 😀

This is the S.S.C. Leif Ericson. Designed by the late Matt Jefferies (of Star Trek fame) for a line of AMT Plastic Model Kits. The model sort of has a cult following. I built the ugly glow in the dark Interplanetary UFO variant back in the 1970’s.

I textured her as i would paint the plastic model (which i own two Round 2 kits now). The “Decals” are scanned directly off of my kits. Normal maps are just quick, and dirty. This model is going to be converted to a Starfleet DY-750 variant for ST: Continuum at a later time. However this model is free to use. I saved her in Wavefront Object format (.OBJ). Most 3d modeling software “should” be able to import her. If you do use her please give credit where its due.


Major Stress

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