Tyr Class Space Control Ship v2

Tyr Class Space Control Ship v2

A pet project I was working on for a little over a year, but got tired of working on it. She was never meant for any game. More to test the Unreal 4 engine. The model itself is not finished. However she is complete enough to upload. The Tyr Class is in SFB terms a Space Control Ship. A Huge Carrier Class vessel, but armed, and sheilded like the Mars Class battleship. She is a remake of a model i built 20+years ago to replace the somtaww command ship in HW: Cataclysm.

The upper rollbar is a Photon Torpedo launch system. The lower rollbar is a captured, and reverse engineered experimental Romulan Plasma Torpedo. She has standard SFB carrier strike craft capability in the upper hangar (12 fighters, and bombers. Plus utility craft) the lower hangar bays are large enough to fit Archer Class Corvettes. The aft section is a deployable Fleet Repair Dock that can support up to dreadnought size ships (follows SFB FRD ruleset). It is set to deployed now, but folds up when ship is moving. The ship is 1000 meters long.


Major Stress

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