Disc Shooter – with Performance – Print-in-Place Design

Disc Shooter - with Performance - Print-in-Place Design 3d model

Disc Shooter2 3d model

Introducing our innovative Disc Shooter – a print-in-place marvel that launches discs over 10 meters! This cutting-edge design requires no assembly, providing instant shooting excitement.

Print-in-Place Magic: No assembly hassles. Print it, and it’s ready to shoot!
Impressive Range: Launch discs with precision over 10 meters.
Quick and Easy Reload: Experience continuous fun with swift and hassle-free reloading.
Compact and Portable: Take the excitement anywhere with this portable and compact design.

Safety Guidelines:
Aim responsibly, avoiding people, animals, or fragile items.
Always wear eye protection.
Keep the disc shooter out of reach of children.

Printing Tips:
“set wall loops to 6 !”

(or more 😉

Choose a durable filament for longevity.

Ensure precise calibration for accurate dimensions.



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