Screeching Gong

Screeching Gong

Screeching Gong

Screeching Gong

The Screaming Bell is an unholy battle-altar dedicated to the Horned Rat, driven forward by the whim of the Skaven Hordes with a Grey Seer at the fore, using its power as a form of waystone to fuel and channel his spells.

The main scaffold, platforms and wheels can be done in FDM no real issues. for the remaining pieces, I do recommend SLA Resin. I recommend a 120×92 mm base for this model, as is in the official base size guide. The bell and pillars are threaded at the Pendulum point so that you can choose to have the bell be stationary, or swinging if you would prefer.

There are also two parts of this that were not replicated on the mesh. The chain for the bell ringer and the rope holding the screaming bell pillars in place. For the chain, I recommend this brand of miniature chain from Amazon:
For the rope, I recommend whatever form of string, yarn, or twine you would prefer. I used Twine myself to hold the stones in place.

Included in here is The Screaming Bell Construct, It’s Grey Seer, and the Rat Ogre Bell Ringer. Note that the .3mf file includes all the models for those that want them to resize and pose as they see fit. Also included are supported versions of all the files I designated for SLA resin printing.



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