Drop Ship or light attack, mars defense force

Drop Ship or light attack 3d model

This was a learning experience so its not totally efficient. In future things I would do are: in some areas more restrictions on poly count like the ring in the engine cavity, that was poly crazy.. I’d prob limit the texture set number and just use 2 4096 textures instead of 9 2048s, that was also a bit crazy..

Notes: Modeled in zbrush Booleans, zmodeler, masking and transforms, simple brush work. Very simple old school stuff nothing too fancy but fast. Exported decimated parts to 3dcoat, decimated parts but still high were used in bake. Retopo and uvs done in coat. Coat is super fast with both those things. Its packing algos are superior I had to do almost zero uv packing by hand. Also retopo tools are very easy to use and robust. Exported all highs and lows to blender Bake took place in marmoset which is much superior to other ways as cage can be seen and easily manipulated. Mesh groups created to limit bakes to certain parts only to prevent bake errors. Painted in substance painter.



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