NASA New Horizons Space Probe

NASA New Horizons Space Probe 3d model

NASA’s New Horizons is a pioneering spacecraft designed for the exploration of distant regions in our solar system, primarily focusing on the outermost realms. Launched in 2006, its most famous mission was a historic flyby of Pluto and its moons in 2015, providing humanity with the first close-up views of this distant dwarf planet.

New Horizons is equipped with advanced instruments to study planetary atmospheres, geology, and composition. After its Pluto encounter, the spacecraft continued its journey into the Kuiper Belt, where it explored the ancient, icy object 2014 MU69, also known as Arrokoth, in 2019.

This mission marked a historic moment in space exploration, expanding our understanding of the outer solar system. New Horizons’ journey continues as it ventures deeper into the Kuiper Belt, providing insights into the mysterious and distant regions of our cosmic neighborhood.



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