WTP Bobbit DS020-1

WTP Bobbit DS020-1

Turn on HD textures in settings if the model looks funky The Bobbit is designed to be a versatile all-rounder for patrol and raiding missions. It comes equipped with 4 large anti-shield lasers on the front, 18 turrets across the ship for fire support, two detachable cargo crates, and two escape pods.

For turrets it has the following equipped: 4 Hummingbird AMS-8 anti-missile turrets 4 Doubleback TCB-40 sniper turrets 6 Shrike TMB-4 small missile turrets For shuttles: 2 Scarab S15B-1 versatile escape craft which come equipped with 2 (4 total) 2 Ant D1-1 drone-turret hybrid platforms



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