X-Beyond the Frontier: Ancient Terran Carrier

X-Beyond the Frontier: Ancient Terran Carrier 3d model

A little Introduction to the Ship: This type of ship did only appear briefly during the game’s intro sequence. I could not find much information about the vessel, as it merely served as a cinematic prop. Only that it possibly was called Earth Carrier within the game files.

So, with all that info, and combined with a fairly rudimentary ingame model, something around 90% of the final design turned out to be just pure guessing work.

Scale: Designed for a full length of about 1390 Meters. In Blender’s standard measurements the file would be scaled at 1/10. Download size: 29.8 MB File Format: Wavefront (.obj) Poligon count: ~38.5k Textures: 4 Materials
-Diffuse, Normal, Metal, Roughness
-each as 512 and 1k Pixel resolution, also one 2k set for the main hull
(Though, the lowest resolutions for each material should suffice in most cases)


Lord Daro

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