Small Digital Tablet

Small Digital Tablet


Small Digital Tablet

11.43cm Width(X), 19.06cm Length(Y), 0.74cm Height(Z)
4.5in Width(X), 7.5in Length(Y), 0.29in Height(Z)
Polycount: 1,974
Triangle count: 3,782
Vertex count: 1,968


Includes 3 Materials/Texture sets

Glass Material
Screen Content Material (To Easily Update)
Tablet Material

Average Texel Density:

49.62 px/cm @ 2048×2048 image resolution

Created with Blender 3.0.0 and preview images rendered with Cycles and Substance Iray. Textured With Substance 2021.1.1

This Model Is Fictional And Does Not Have Branding.


Brandon Westlake

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