Dodge B-Series Pickup 1953 Custom Car

Dodge B-Series Pickup 1953 Custom Car

This is a fix and modified special version by Alex.Ka.

You can use this model and textures for your projects or games – with using all credits from this text!

Based on the model from – CSR Classics
Parts from – Forza Motorsport 4, NFS MW2005, Project CARS
Polycount – Midpoly with some hd details
Geometry edited and modified to “Custom Car” – Alex.Ka.
Modeled new parts: Brakelights, door lamps and other – Alex.Ka.
Textures – Alex.Ka., NFS MW2005
Qquality and realistic textures By Alex.Ka.
Realistic chrome effect on all chrome parts
HD secondary and manufacturers logo By Alex.Ka.
Special “Firestone” tire texture By Alex.Ka.
Special NFSMW remake license plate texture in realistic quality By Alex.Ka.
100% new mapping of all geometry parts
Individual texture for front window
Correct mirrors reflection (on side mirrors)
Wheels not hanging in the void (close by suspension)
Added Lowpoly interior



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