Electric City Car

Electric City Car

Electric City Car 3D model

3D Electric City Car model

Electric City Car

Electric City Car

I have designed this small electric vehicle to meet my personal mobility demands in high density urban conditions. It is by all means a girl’s point of view in terms of styling and design. I have tried to create a feeling of feminine and tough look at the same time. For me this is how the women are in the modern society.

I was driven by the concept of creating a greener environment with no tailpipe emissions. The small size of the vehicle (L1900mm x W1200mm x H 1800mm) is also economical to manufacture.

The car can park at very high densities and accommodates one passenger. Rear compartment provides storage for groceries, baggage and a place for hydrogen reservoir. It is designed for short trips inside the city, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The vehicle is equipped with PEM (Proton exchange membrane) fuel-cell battery, which is located in the floor of the vehicle. Exchangeable reservoir with 4kg hydrogen is placed at the rear bottom of the vehicle (1 kg of hydrogen is enough for 100km roughly). Such a placement helps to keep the center of mass low, and also contributes to cooling of the battery.

The vehicle is powered by two electric motors 30 kW each, attached to front wheels.

Maximum estimated range before hydrogen refill is 400km.



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