McLaren F1 1993 NFS2 Edition

McLaren F1 1993 NFS2 Edition

I’m a fan of cars from NFS, NFS2, NFS3: hot pursuit.
I like to create accurate replicas of the cars from these games.
And i styled this McLaren F1 according to the NFS2 version.
For work, i used a mid-poly model, for the possibility of easy use for games,
but replaced all the small details of the exterior with HD details in order to achieve quality and good appearance.
I created an exact (ND 4 SPD) license plate,
some textures and quality wheels.
Just as in all my cars, i always create the correct reflecting geometry of mirrors,
and the wheels will never hang in the void (like many 3D models and cars from games),
because i really love the cars vhich i make.


ᗩᒪE᙭. Kᗩ.🚗

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