Space Car V1

Space Car V1 3D model

This is something I threw together over the course of like 20 minutes. As you can see I was pretty haphazard with the paint and I didn’t bother with properly connecting the wheels. Though maybe if I were more experienced I could add some sort of effect to make it look like the wheels were attached through magnetic force or something.

I didn’t really plan on this car being sci-fi. It’s more like it just turned out that way. I didn’t spend any time planning or thinking about what I was going to do, I was putting more of my focus on just making something and posting it.

As for my personal feelings on this, even as a beginner, I can identify it as pretty lousy. I’m not so much posting it to impress anybody, it’s more for myself so that I can at some point look back and see how much progress I’ve made.

I also plan to intermittently go back to my old models and remake them when I’ve improved my skills somewhat. So that will be an even more straightforward show of my progress.



Space Car V1
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