British Navy CLAA Tier 9 SOMNUS

British Navy CLAA Tier 9 SOMNUS 3d model

The British light cruiser Somonas, named after the God of Sleep

The Somonas cruiser is a project based on the modernization of the British Navy’s light cruisers in the Dido class and Edinburgh class

Due to its initial plan to carry a 133mm naval gun with a lower firing rate

Not enough to cope with the threat posed by the rapid development of aviation technology in the later stages of World War II

So all of them were replaced with 113mm RP10 Mark IV naval guns

After the war, this type of naval gun became the standard main gun caliber for British Navy destroyers

This class will replace the rear torpedo group with a more advanced anti-aircraft gun group

And added anti-aircraft firepower and electronic equipment to make it more adept at dealing with aerial fighter jets



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