BMW M3 GTR [4K Livery]

BMW M3 GTR [4K Livery]

This is one of my old models, I think there are SOOO many of these, you find them almost everywhere and you may probably think that this is nothing special amongst the others, BUT I recently worked on it and now this …has 4K Livery (in the link below of course because of the file size). And yeah, you can try it and see the diference for yourself.

I will be making it free as soon as the 4k textures are uploaded to mega, so I can share them afterwards

Update 1

I finished uploading them in good condition, some extras, something bonus and the model itself and as I promised this is now FREE.



Download 3D models

FileFile size
rar 4K Livery5 MB
zip bmw-m3-gtr-4k-livery5 MB

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