K.S. Hero Edition Volvo Polestar 1

K.S. Hero Edition Volvo Polestar 1 3d model

Polestar 1 Hero Edition is a fictional special edition of the Polestar 1, designed by former employee before Ghost merged with Criterion, Khyzyl Saleem. Which is a car that’s featured in the cover art of the game as well as the car that Joe drives which is un-lockable once you complete all of the driver missions and all of the main storyline, and Driver Story missions of the game after an update.It is unlocked after completing all of the storyline missions, including the Driver Story missions, and it will cost $1,600,000 at the dealer. It’s top speed is 230mph (370 kmph). The car is super heavy and requires a lot of upgrades than the first mission you play as in-game.


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