NORINCO WMA301+105 3d model

The WMA301 is an export product by NORINCO Factory 256 at Chongqing as the alternative to the domestic PTL02 assault gun. The design of this assault gun might likely from the previous prototypes in late-1980s when PLAGF has yet to develop a low-recoil 105 mm gun for assault gun platforms; based on the same WZ551 chassis, as the ZSL92 APC and the PTL02 assault gun. The most noticeable differences from the PTL02 are the newly-designed welded turret that somewhat resembles the ZTZ96A in terms of the arrowhead shape, and the replacement of the original 100 mm smoothbore gun with a standard 105 mm rifled gun. This assault gun saw service in different African countries with large area of plains and in Myanmar, serving as a quick-response assault gun for the buyers and a fast-moving addition to their inventory.atile vehicle. With good positioning and situational awareness, the WMA301 can contribute in almost any situation.



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