Soviet Heavy Tank KV-2 (Klim Voroshilov)

Soviet Heavy Tank KV-2 (Klim Voroshilov)

Dedicated to the blessed memory of Soviet tankmen who bravely fought and died in battles for their Socialist Motherland.

The camouflage history of the tank is very interesting and has a prototype. In April 1942, a group of Soviet poets, writers and artists decided to purchase a heavy tank with this money and donate it to the Red Army. This gift was a heavy tank KV-1, which was given the name “Besposhchadnyi” (Merciless), on its board the artists depicted a tank shooting at Hitler. The vehicle and its heroic crew fought until the autumn of 1943, when the tank was again hit in action and beyond repair. I decided to transfer the heroic image of the KV-1 “Merciless” to his older brother – the legendary Soviet giant KV-2. I replaced the image with another one, also owned by the Kukryniksy, added Marshak’s poems, otherwise only personal imagination and love for details worked.


Bogdan Kuznetsov

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