VN-20 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

VN-20 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle 3d model

The VN-20 Rhino or (犀牛) 重型步兵战车 was developed from the VT-4 main battle tank chassis and uses the same suspension, the motor is placed at the front to keep space for troops in the back. ERA protects its front and sides. The VN-20 is the heaviest chinese armored vehicle developed domestically, weighting up to 70 tons. Its armored is the same as the VT-4 and ZTZ-99 and is available for export. The VN20 vehicle is advertised with 2 different turrets: The first variant is fitted with unmanned 30mm autocannon RCWS with 3rd gen thermal optics , which also houses a coaxial machine gun and a missile launcher. The other variant is a 2-man turret which consists of a 100mm cannon and a 30mm autocannon similar to a BMP-3/ZBD-04. The turret also fits 2 HJ-12 launchers and a smaller RCWS mounted on top. 2 remote controlled 7.62mm machine guns can be mounted to the rear and controlled by the crew inside. It can carry up to 8 soliders inside.



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