Russian X-555 air-launched cruise missile

Russian X-555 air-launched cruise missile

Russian tactical missile Kh-555 (Painted as on tests at the military airport in 2004y)

The major difference is that the Kh-555 carries a conventional warhead instead of nuclear and has increased range. Also this missile has improved guidance systems and is more accurate. This air-launched cruise missile was tested in 1999 and was eventually approved for production. It was adopted by the Russian Air Force in 2004.

The Kh-555 is used as a long-range standoff weapon. It is carried and launched by bomber aircraft. This missile is carried by a Tu-160 long-range strategic bomber (12 missiles), Tu-95 strategic bomber (6 or 16 missiles, depending on the version), and even Su-34 interdictor (1 missile).

Max Range – 1800-2400 km (exact range unknown)
Warhead weight – 500-680 kg
Flight altitude – 35-140 m.
Accuracy – 10-25 m


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