Compact SMG

Compact SMG 3d model

I was tasked with making 3 LODs, LOD 0 being 5000 tris, LOD 1 being 2500 tris, and lastly LOD 2 being 800 tris. I really struggled fitting the project into those lods especially the latter ones due to the reference and mine mostly being made up of around 30 objects and a good number of them being cylindrical which makes it hard to reduce polycount while retaining form. The texture limit was 2k and requiring a Base Colour, Roughness, Metalness, Normal and AO map. With the help of Rizom UV I managed to use 68% of the tile which is good while retaining enough spacing between everything

Maya was used for blocking, basic SDS modeling and LODs. Zbrush was used for adding some more advanced details for the high poly. Rizom UV was used for uving. Substance Painter was used for texturing and baking. Marmoset Toolbag was used for rendering and creating a viewer.



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