Basket Dussack Sword (Printable)

Basket Dussack Sword 3d model

Print the hilt in 316L SS and the grip (leather, in this render) in AlSi10Mg.

The piece is not designed for HEMA sparring as I catered for form instead of function. The basket is designed to be used with light glove for solo drills or slow sparrings. Nonetheless, the basket should withstand medium level HEMA sparrings. Heavy sparring could induce dents and deformations.

The hilt, excluding the grip, should be printed in two-piece: 1. everything except the end pommel cap; 2. pommel cap. Ideally they should all be in one piece but current printing tech can’t make that happen. The nut can be machined from a machinist with 6mm threads that fit your blade.

The grip can be printed in two-piece that would clamp onto a truss structure in the middle with epoxy, which should be one-piece with the hilt. This type of construction is ultra-solid and will never wobble even with heavy sparrings (did the test).

Weight 1124g (hilt 562g, grip 46g) POB 10cm



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