Moonbrand (Early 14th C Arming Sword)

Moonbrand (Early 14th C Arming Sword)

Late 13th/Early 14th Century

Private Owner, in the care of the Oakeshott Institute

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Swords of this form were common in Europe throughout the 13th and 14th Centuries. Similar swords are depicted in I.33, the earliest European personal combat instruction that we know of today. It dates from the early 14th century, as does this piece. This was a dynamic time in the use of the sword as combatants transitioned from mail to plate armor and the use of the buckler was common.

Overall Length: 36.06 in | 916mm
Blade Length: 28.89 in | 734mm
Blade Width: 2.75 in | 70mm
Grip Length: 3.66 in | 93mm
Guard Width: 9.21 in | 234mm
Weight: 2.95 lbs | 1339 gr


The Oakeshott Institute

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