Decorative Gear Collection

Decorative Gear Collection

If you want to be steampunk, you have to have the right gear!

And the right gear is sure to be found somewhere in this collection.

This is a collection of different gears, designed for the benefit of my wife and several other people I know who like steampunk. These gears are intended to be purely decorative–I did not design them with any practical considerations at all (i.e. strength, meshing properly, etc.)

There are four types of spokes: spoke, double spoke, spiral, and wavy.

There are three types of teeth: round, pointed, and square. Round teeth are small and rounded. Pointed teeth are larger and come to a point at the tip. Square teeth are long and skinny with square ends and large spaces between teeth.

Gears come in four sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch (these are nominal sizes. The actual diameter with the teeth is larger).

All gears are 3mm thick

If you’re counting, there are 48 total variations in this collection. I supplied a ZIP file containing all the STLs for convenience if you want to grab the bunch.

I’m open to suggestions for additional spoke and tooth templates if you have an idea which is really distinctive from something already here.


Peter L

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