Floating Snowflake Ornament

Floating Snowflake Ornament

Before I had an MMU, I wanted to do a multi colored floating ornament. I found I could do it as long as it wan’t too thick. 

You start by printing the center of the ornament, a snowflake, and adding a pause halfway through to put on the tulle. 

When this is done, leave the tulle as is, and print the frame with a pause. At the pause, put in the tulle with the snowflake already on it! Start the print back up and finish the ornament. As long as the snowflake isn’t too thick, it won’t get hit when the print starts back up. You can also set to not to cross perimeters to avoid running into it. 

I printed with black tulle so that on the tree, the tulle wouldn’t be noticable and the snowflake would be floating in the frame!



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