Mountain range

mountain range 3d model

Hey everyone, first of all, it would mean a lot to me if you could download my model. It truly inspires me to create more. I make these models because I find it enjoyable, and I want to give back to all of you. All my models are completely free, and feel free to use them as you wish!. It’s a gift from me to you! 😊 all my 2d art is 2mm thick the base is made for a TIGHT fit

All my models are not made to be sturdy or anything like that, they are made to be hung up or placed in the stand. I have made all the models, or some of them, not suitable for scaling down; therefore, if you do not make them at least 20cm, there may be errors (this I cannot do anything about, but if you print with thin lines on, you have a good chance). Thank you in advance


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