Spider-Man Bust

Spider-Man Bust

Some more super hero fan art, yay 🙂 I’ve had this guy sculpted for maybe a month now, but honestly I’ve been too busy using my spare time to play video games to publish anything new (I had to finish God of War, and, well… then there was the Marvel’s Spider-Man game, and now Assassin’s Creed Odyssey…)

Anyways. Enjoy! Any questions, drop a comment or hit me up in a PM (which I know I’ve been lousy answering lately).

About the design

It was digitally sculpted in ZBrush as usual, using no fancy brushes or anything, 95% Dam Standard and Clay Buildup, and a lot of smoothing.

As you can tell around the shoulders this Spidey is inspired by the design in the game Marvel’s Spider-Man, but not an exact copy. I kept the eyes more low-tech- and the web pattern is a bit different. I did struggle a lot with the spider logo on his chest, and I’m still not happy with it 100%.

The base. It’s more advanced than I usually make them, but I wanted to give detailing it a bit more a try this time around. I normally dislike bases that are too detailed and complicated because I think it detracts from the main subject. It was fun, though, and I hope you guys like it 🙂

This is fan art, provided for free, and I fully acknowledge the Spider-Man likeness is the property of Marvel Entertainment, LLC (The Walt Disney Company).
Print instructions

About printing this guy

He should only need supports under his chin, but if your printer lacks a part cooling fan you might want to add some others. If someone really wants a version without the rebar in the concrete, let me know.

I printed this on my CR-10S using some basic PLA (from 3DNet, no affiliation), and the following settings:

Layer height: 0.12mm
Nozzle: 0.3mm
Perimeter: 0.9mm
Speed: 50mm/s (but S3D slows it down to 50% on the outer perimeter)
Top/bottom # layers: 6
Infill: 5% rectilinear
Print time: 17h 00m 18s



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