Springy Christmas Angel Tree Ornament

Springy Christmas Angel Tree Ornament 3d model

This is a fun-little tree that can either be hung on your big Christmas tree or be free-standing anywhere.

The trunk is mainly octagonal in cross-section, but I’ve added an angel outline to give a bit of interest.

It is made of 4 parts, the bucket, the trunk, the star and the spring itself. They can be printed separately or all together and it is fun to mix up the colours.

The spring itself is a bit of a printer test as there is a BIG bridge, but I’ve designed it so that with plenty of part cooling, most printers should do it and my Bear Mk3 managed it fine.

The parts are toleranced such that they are a push fit, but it is no problem to use superglue on the joints to be doubly sure.

I’d love to see your makes and remixes.



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