5-inch Waveshare LCD & Raspberry Pi Stand and Case

5-inch Waveshare LCD & Raspberry Pi Stand and Case

5-inch Waveshare LCD & Raspberry Pi Stand and Case

5-inch Waveshare LCD & Raspberry Pi Stand and Case

This is a case and stand for the Raspberry Pi and the 5-inch Waveshare HDMI Touchscreen LCD.

The Raspberry Pi header connects directly to the back of the LCD and makes for a very compact unit. The HDMI connectors of the Pi and LCD are positioned directly next to each other to permit the shortest HDMI connection possible with the included HDMI connector (supplied from Waveshare with the LCD, see manufacturer link for photo).

This is a remix of a stand that I needed wider base support to prevent falling over, with added 0.5-inch diameter, recessed rubber feet to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces. I also added a hole for a 1.3 mm barrel connector that I use to power the Pi & LCD, which the power connections are soldered to the micro USB test pads of the Pi (not enough space to use a micro USB connector). There is a micro USB port available on the right side of the case that can be used to power the LCD and Pi.

IGES files have also been provided to enable easy editing.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 5

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2 mm layer height

Infill: 20 %


Print the stand on its side with supports. The case front should be printed with the front flat side down without supports. The case back should be printed with the back flat part down with supports (for the barrel connector hole). Holes have been sized slightly smaller than an M3 bolt, because I like to drill my holes after printing. The case front holes are smaller and should be drilled with a smaller diameter drill bit to accommodate a tight fit of M3 bolt threads.



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  1. What version of raspberry pi? Also, which waveshare touch lcd screen there are multiple? could you please updaet this.

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