52mm Camera Lens Cap

52mm Camera Lens Cap 3D model

3D 52mm Camera Lens Cap model

52mm Camera Lens Cap

52mm Camera Lens Cap

52mm Camera Lens Cap

This is a 52mm Camera Lens Cap that i made myself. It does not require any special tools to assemble or bolts. IT is assembled entirely by pressure/friction and it holds really well on my printer. When you try it on your lens be sure that the bottom of the cap is not scratching the lens. You can glue a piece of cloth on the bottom side if you want to be safe. On the lens I tested it it was working great (Nikon 18-55mm). I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED LENSES – check your clearance and force.
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Part 1 and 2 are designed to be printed without supports, just be sure to orient them correctly, Part two might have to be rotated 180 degrees. Part 3 (the spring part) needs support.



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