Adjustable iPad Air 2 mount

Adjustable iPad Air 2 mount

Adjustable iPad Air 2 mount

Adjustable iPad Air 2 mount

This is a free standing adjustable stand/mount for iPad Air 2. I needed something for GoToMeeting that didn’t have the camera looking up my nose 🙂

The “ipad grabber” part should go on it’s side with supports holding the mounting tab.

The main arm needs support around the post that slides into the feet

The base should print flat in it’s natural position, no supports

Print the small arm on one of the flat sides, it does not need any supports
The knurled bolt (you need two) should print with the head flat on the print bed, post vertical, no supports. It will thread in much easier if you scale the bolts to 99% on the X and Y axis (NOT the Z, you’ll mis-align the threads). If you don’t do the scaling on the bolt, it will be a very tight fit and may be difficult to thread at all. You have been warned…

I didn’t not find it necessary to put any supports in the circular openings (the holes the bolts fit in to), they printed just fine with PLA (and likely with PETG as well).



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