Alexa Echo Dot Gramophone

Alexa Echo Dot Gramophone 3D model

3D Alexa Echo Dot Gramophone model

Alexa Echo Dot Gramophone

The Amazon Echo Dot Gramophone is an updated version of the Gramophone from the late 1890’s. The original Gramophone player had a needle which fits into the groove in the record. That needle is attached to a diaphragm, which in turn is attached to a horn… These vibrations are transmitted to the diaphragm, which itself vibrates, creating sound.

The revised Gramophone takes the sound provided by the Amazon Echo Dot and amplifies the sound. To improve the sound the user should use a small amount of Acoustic Batting within the horn.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:







20% and 100%


I printed everything at 100% infill with the exception of the Bottom Chamber of which was printed at 20%, but its user choice as you can print at 20%. I used no supports and all parts are position the way I printed the parts. You may get some slight stringing on Joints 1-4 but can be easily removed.

I printed the base at 0.1 layer height so you may need to do some calculating. The base is 370 layers when printed at 0.1 or 37mm in height.

From the bottom I printed 5.5mm of black, 2mm of copper, 10mm of black, 2mm of copper, 10mm of black, 2mm of copper, and then 5.5mm of black of which equals 37mm or 370 layers at 0.1. The key do changing out the filament is to make the change when the nozzle is centered between the outer and inner edge on the horn and when do printing the base you make the change away from the front side so that the change is hidden. I can’t remember where the new layer begins as it may begin in the middle of which it would not matter. On my CR-10S Printer I pause and pull the filament out backwards and replace with the new filament color. I depress the filament drive and hand push the new color until a have a flow of 100% of the new color then I restart the print.

The copper filament is Gizmo Dorks 1.75 PLA and the black is Hatchbox 1.75 PLA.

I used two part clear epoxy to join the neck, joint rings, and horn together. Gel Super glue can be used as I would not use the liquid super glue as it would run onto the finished surface.
How I Designed This

I am not the original designer of the Gramophone. The designer IamStarGoat is the designer and the original.

I wanted to print the entire Gramophone using copper and black filament without having to paint to hide the use of Bondo and sanding. To do this required using joint rings. I am not sure where I found the joint rings so I can not credit the individual of the rings.

I did not include the entire one piece neck as I and others have tried to print the neck and we had difficulty in the print and would have require lots of finish work in prepping with Bondo and sanding. I believe the file has an issue as the printer head started printing in right field, LOL…



Alexa Echo Dot Gramophone
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