Among Us “Amogus” Phone Stand

Among Us "Amogus" Phone Stand

The “eye” has two options:

“AmogusPhoneStand_Eye_Singular.stl” to print as one piece in white/grey. Optionally, you can print Eye3 in white and glue it on.


“Eye” 1, 2, and 3 are for multicolor prints. Print “1” in black, “2” in light grey, “3” in white.

What I did was print the stand, use a dual-color printer to print _Eye_1 and _Eye_2 together, and then print _Eye_3 separately. Then I glued them all together.

Filaments I used:
Stand: Polymatte Marble PLA
Eye_1: Eryone Galaxy Black PLA
Eye_2: Matterhackers Glow Blue PLA
Eye_3: Polymatte Marble PLA

The photo was the first print, but it was a little too big. I’ve since scaled it down ~80%.



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