Apple pencil desktop stand

Apple pencil desktop stand 3d model

This is a new and upgraded version of my Apple pencil stand I created a couple of years ago. It’s a low-poly type design that can hold your pencil in two positions. You can place the pencil vertically in the top opening for a clean, sleek look on your desk. Or lay it horizontally in the small channel on the top rim for quick access to pick it up and put it down while working. Either way it looks great on any desk!

This upgraded model now has a slightly wider design for extra stability. Even better, thanks to comments from users, there is a redesigned hole shape and longer depth to make sure the pencil does not bottom out and damage your tips.

There are now two hole opening diameters to choose from. The standard is the same as the original. The perfect size for your ‘bare’ Apple pencil 1 or 2.

I created the new larger size because I started using thin silicone sleeves on my Apple pencils and they did not fit into the original design.

I print mine at .2 mm layer height. I recommend increasing the infill for added weight.

I like to add a modifier in PrusaSlicer to print the lower half with 100% infill and keep the upper half at 15%. I find that adds enough weight to the base to make it feel nice and sit sturdy on my desk without adding too much time to the print.

There are six files available, three for each opening size.

Basic .stl
Basic .3mf
PrusaSlicer .3mf file that already has a 100% infill modifier set up on the lower half and two filament changes to add bands on the top and bottom portion as shown in the photos. Another idea is to print the bottom banded portion in TPU for a little extra grip on your desk.



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