Archimedes tower


Legend has it that Archimedes secretly built a set of impenetrable fortresses around the world. Towers in which he hid priceless relics and inventions never seen before. Very few have come across one of them and far fewer have been able to decipher them. Some even claim that Archimedes forged a master key that allows access to the interior of the fortresses in a matter of seconds. This is, the Archimedes Tower. 🧙‍♂️

The model is print-in-place type. In this way no supports are required and the entire mechanism is printed fully assembled.
Each tower works like a piggy bank in which coins can be accumulated and then withdrawn through the front door. the mechanism is activated simply by turning a very special-looking key. The model is presented in 2 sizes depending on the precision in the extrusion flow. Size S for those who have a well calibrated flow and Size L for those who have a little more battle with their printers.

3D printing settings

PRINT-IN-PLACE (No assembly for the tower)
No Supports (very important to disable them)
horizontal expansion = 0 or slightly negative (very important)
Layer Height = 0.3 (recomended)
Wall Line Count = 3
Top/Bottom Thickness = 0.8 ~ 0.9mm (multiple of the layer height)
Infill = 10% appropriate (zigzag pattern)
Print sped = 40 ~ 50
Retract at layer change = ON (recommended)
Z Hop When retracted = ON (recommended)



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