Big Box Store 5 Gallon Tool Bucket Pencil Holder

Big Box Store 5 Gallon Tool Bucket Pencil Holder

When Dad woke me up with the bright orange tool bucket on the weekend, I knew that I had a day of work ahead of me. I’m not sure who decided the ideal carrying case for a mobile tool kit was a 5-gallon bucket, but in the Chicago suburbs in the 90’s this was certainly it.

I combined my love of making big things small and small things big with my only slightly traumatizing childhood DIY home improvement memories for this one.

Print your own “big box store” 5-gallon bucket pencil holder and reminder yourself that “you can sleep tomorrow, it’s time for work”.

Thanks to davemoneysign for the inspiration on the handle.


The handle should snap into the holes in the side of the bucket. A dot of glue will connect the optional white handhold.



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