Can holder

Can holder

Are you tired of soda cans tumbling around i your backpack? I was. This design is for 4 cans that fit in backpacks 25-30 cm wide (~10-12 inches). The holder is 28,5 cm (~11 inches) long (the two halves glued together), 7,36 cm wide (~3 inches) and 5 cm (~2 inches) tall. It will hold four regular cans ( 330 ml – 66 mm / 2,6 inches in diameter). I do believe it can hold the taller 500 ml cans with the same diameter, without risk of them slipping out (as long as you remove you backpack before any cartweels).

It will sit at the bottom of the main room of a backpack and fix the cans in place, so they dont knock around each other and the other stuff in the backpack.

The model is optimized for sturdyness with 1,6 mm walls, top and bottom.

Print two and glue them together. I printed mine with supports under the three pegs in the square end, and support blocker in the three holes at the same end.

Print Settings
Printer Brand: Creality
Printer: Ender 3
Rafts: Doesn’t Matter
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0,2 mm layers. Optimized for 1,6mm walls top and bottom.
Infill: Doesnt matter as long as you go above 10%. The walls are thick so very little infil is needed.
Filament: 3DE premium PLA Black Post-Printing =============

Remove supports and glue the square ends together. The holes and pegs line up. There is one mm difference in hole size and peg size, so they should fit even with a bit of support residue.



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