Charger Cable Organizer

Charger Cable Organizer

We all know the problems with phone charger cables lying around and getting tangled up in all possible ways.

That issue I know all to well, and especially on my nightstand, I several times managed to get my arm tangled up in the cable while sleeping.
And exactly this was also my motivation for designing this super simple but very neat cable organizer.

Just rotate the Lid to roll in the cable, -and to roll out the cable you simply just pull the two cable ends.

Easy storage of cables, and fits right in the pocket or almost any bag or purse.

The pictures explains it all 🙂

It’s designed to fit all standard 3mm cables with lightning or USB-C type connector.

Assembly is very easy and is done by snapping the parts together.

Assembly video

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa
Printer: I3 MK3S
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.20
Infill: 15 / 100%
Filament brand: Fillamentum
Filament color: All
Filament material: PLA


It prints without support and it’s recommended to print the Lid & Casing with 15% infill, and the Core with 100% infill to make it more rigid.

Post print instruction:

The Casing top-surface that rotate against the Lid might need some light sanding if the top surface is too rough.
But it’s easy to determine the need of sanding by turning the Lid and Casing against each other before assembling all parts.

All parts needs to rotate freely to ensure the cable rolls in/out freely.



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip Charger+Cable+Organizer2 MB

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