Cigarette container with lighter

cigarette container with lighter 3d model

cigarette container with lighter2 3d model

cigarette container with lighter3 3d model

This is the latest model, V4.

To attach the box to a backpack, you need the V4 lid-belt.

There are different body models:
V4 body-original: Simple design with a slot for a rope
V4 Body 100: For longer cigarettes
V4 body-screw: For extra attachments
V4 ring bottom-screw: Covers the threads
V4 bottom-screw: Holds cigarette butts; don’t throw them in the wild!
V4 XL bottom-screw: Larger, can hold cash for a beer.

Print this without support and with varying layer heights to keep the threads precise. I use a layer height of around 0.1mm on the threads.

V4 is an improvement over V3 because it features:
Better threads with less than one turn to open
Holds 6 cigarettes instead of 5
Includes an extra container for cigarette butts
A lid with a hook for attaching to your pack

cigarette container with lighter5 3d model



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