Clips for Dual Monitors

Clips for Dual Monitors 3D model

3D Clips for Dual Monitors model

Clips for Dual Monitors

Clips for Dual Monitors

Clips for Dual Monitors

I’ve used dual computer monitors for almost 30 years, and while there are always the bezels between them, there has also always been an annoying gap and usually some degree of misalignment between the two. It didn’t matter much because I usually have a different application on each monitor and rarely needed to have an application spread across both. But I finally got tired of the gap and printed these clips that snap over the top and bottom edges of the bezels. They hold the bezels aligned at the correct angle and minimize the gap between the two. The remaining small gap disappeared with the application of a strip of black electrical tape.

These clips certainly aren’t going to fit your monitors (unless they happen to be HP LA2405x) so the OpenSCAD file is parametric and the dimensions are clearly identified so you can alter it and size them to your monitor pair*. The top and bottom clips may need to be different sizes. I’m going to reprint the clips shown in a less obtrusive black, and make them a little taller to allow some double-sided tape to be applied underneath, and a bit longer to make it a bit more stable.

I should have done this years ago. After using them this way for only a few hours, I find myself stretching applications across the gap and using them as if on a single monitor. With the perfect alignment and the gap gone, my mind seems better able to ‘disappear’ the center bezels.

*(Yes, I could make this a customizable Thing, but I refuse to do so. It only encourages idiots who publish their customized things that clutter up Thingiverse. You really should learn the basics of OpenSCAD anyway –

How I Designed This

Just a few lines of OpenSCAD.



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