Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf

The corner shelf was created to advantage of the commonly unused space found in the corners of our homes. It is a great way to safely display objects that should be kept out of reach of pets and children.

The original Corner Shelf was created in late 2018, at which time I was quite new to designing objects for 3D printing. Fast forward to 2021, where I decided it was time to revisit the “form” of the Corner Shelf. Specifically I wanted this iteration to be a modelling challenge, and act as a platform to apply the new experience (specifically that of surface modelling) that I gained between 2018 and 2021.

This object was a pleasure to create, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Print Settings I used:

Nozzle: .4mm
Layer Height: .2mm
Material: PLA
Support Material: Yes

Object Dimensions:
146mm x 96mm x 203mm

Please note that this object was designed to print with 96 x 146 face on the buildplate. Please refer to the slicing photo for details.



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