Desktop Mini Easel

Desktop Mini Easel

Found I needed a stand for the mobile while video conferencing, but the stand I had was a little too small for the weight of the phone.

The result is something which is substantial enough to also be able to hold a tablet/ iPad. It features a backplate which helps stop the phone from falling down the back.

It comprises 5 parts, held together by 3x sets of M3 nuts, bolts and spring washers. Total printing time is just over 7 hours, if using the gcode files provided.

Print Settings

Printer brand: Prusa
Printer: i3 MK3
Rafts: Doesn’t Matter
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2mm
Infill: 15-25%
Filament_brand: Generic
Filament_color: Colour to suit
Filament_material: PLA

I used brims as always with large print areas and Dimafix to make sure the ends of the prints stay put until completed. The legs are best left attached to the printplate until cooled/ rigid. (This is where a second flexible magnetic printplate comes in very handy!) I’ve included a couple of combined build plates (x2) to save on having to set up printing each element separately, if multiple units are to be printed. As a low-profile collapsable design, it’s relatively easy to fit into a side pocket & flatpack with a tablet etc. for taking to a cafe (e.g. in a ladies’ handbag) or outside on a garden table. Being a tripod, it will also sit more easily on an uneven surface.



The CAD image is self-explanetary really. Needed for fixing, will be: 3x sets of 32mm M3 cheese-head machine screws 2x M3 flat washers (for front rest) 4x M3 spring washers 3x M3 Nyloc nuts Small amount (3-5g) of glue: Superglue, E6000, ‘Serious Glue’, ‘Fantastic Elastic’ or similar clear flexible glue. (Applied with the pointed back end of a pair of teezers, or a narrow flat screwdriver.) The backplate is secured with glue between the two front legs, to the rear underside of the front rest, the long side being vertical. To avoid the phone or tablet sliding sideways and off the stand, a strip of clear 6-8mm (I use 6mm) gel tape can be used, its stickiness suitably weakened (with talc or wetted) to enable easy removal of the tablet/ phone! Finally, to help keep the stand from slipping on a hard surface, the bottom ends of the legs have flat surfaces onto which self-adhesive 8mm ‘bumpons’ can be attached.

Desktop Mini Easel

Desktop Mini Easel



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