Earbud Box

Earbud Box 3D model

Earbud Box

3D Earbud Box model

Earbud Box

Earbud Box

A small earbud spool with a box area to protect the buds from crush damage.

USAGE: You place your earbuds and jack into the box in the middle and feed the wire loop out of the slot on the side. You then wrap the wire around the outside of the box and hook the wire loop into one of the notches.

I’ve uploaded three versions with three different sized notches depending on the thickness of your headphone wire. 1.8mm, 2.0mm and 2.2mm. If you need a different sized notch then let me know, or just change it yourself in the openscad file.

UPDATE: 26th Dec 2012. I’ve added another version with jack holes around the top, opening up more winding styles.



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