Ergonomic Delta table

Ergonomic Delta table 3d model

All parts are correctly oriented and can be printed with a layer height of 0.2 mm. You need 6 approx. 20x5mm feathers + 3 small rubber bands.
The part description shows how many times the part must be printed.

Building instructions:

1. connect the three rails to the main part and fasten it with the 3 knobs.

Ergonomic Delta table 2 3d model

2. connect the trolley with a rubber band to the button as shown in the picture.

Ergonomic Delta table 3 3d model

3. Secure it with the rod.

Ergonomic Delta table 4 3d model

4. Repeat step 2+3 twice and slide it onto the rails.

Ergonomic Delta table 5 3d model

5. Prepare the arms by attaching two arms each with two springs.

Ergonomic Delta table 6 3d model

6. now use the arms from step five to attach the table with the rest, slide the flex arm holder onto the table and attach as many flex arms as you like, then add the clamp.

Ergonomic Delta table 7 3d model

Done, have fun with the Delta table.



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