Ethernet Plug (RJ45) Protector

Ethernet Plug (RJ45) Protector  3D model

3D Ethernet Plug (RJ45) Protector  model

Ethernet Plug (RJ45) Protector

RJ45 plug locking clips are always prone to break easily due to their shape and weak brittle plastic material. it is really easy to damage one of them while storing cables in a place where they are tangling each other. To protect them, it is best to lock each plug into a case.
I saw “rj45 coupler for storage by ssd” and decided to modify the design to a single case instead of two. Besides, I made it a bit deeper to enclose the locking clips even more. Single protector case also gave me a chance to print them without using any support.
If you would like to change the design to suit your needs, then the step file is also in the list.
To print them, I have used PETG which is not vital at all. PLA is a perfect candidate for this job for sure.



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