Flippin Folding Phone Stand

Flippin Folding Phone Stand 3D model

3D Flippin Folding Phone Stand model

Flippin Folding Phone Stand

Flippin Folding Phone Stand

Flippin Folding Phone Stand

t’s a flippin’ folding phone stand!

This phone stand has 5 angle settings: 30°, 45°, 50°, 55° and 60°.

Suitable for most smartphones not thicker than 12mm.
It may also be suitable for tablets if you enlarge the models.

2D dimensions: 40mm x 60mm
Thickness of each part: 4mm
Holder notches length: 13.7mm (external), 10.5mm – 12.2mm (internal)
Holder notches gap: 21mm

No bolts required, just print and assemble.

This thing is created with FreeCAD. Source files included.


Print with no support. The backplate model already contains custom brim and support for easier printing, but you can remove them or print with additional brim as you like.
The recommended layer height is 0.1mm with 0.2mm first layer.
For the stand model you can use a 0.2mm or 0.25mm layer height for z from 4mm to 13mm if your slicer supports it.
If you use an extra brim, make sure to clean up the brim around the hinge axles.
Cut away the brim and support.
Assemble the stand according to the figure. There is a flat position on the hinge which allows easier insertion at a certain angle. (Note that the figure doesn’t show the flat position.)
Flip and place phone on it. 🙂



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