Gamepad Zero RetroPie Case

Gamepad Zero RetroPie Case  3D model

3D Gamepad Zero RetroPie Case  model

Gamepad Zero RetroPie Case

Gamepad Zero RetroPie Case

These are the CAD files for a Gamepad Zero case I made to store all the accessories I use with my Gamepad Zero. If you want to make your own Gamepad Zero, check out this awesome tutorial:

You will need at least a 300mm build surface to print this one!

This case needs a section of 1.75mm filament to act as a hinge pin.

I printed all the roll top slats together on the build plate with 0.5mm gap between them. When they were done I held them together with masking tape before I removed them from the build plate. Once off the build plate I used Kapton tape on the underside to hold them together. If you don’t have wide enough Kapton tape to cover the whole underside you could use packing tape to most likely get the same effect.

The logo pieces that snap into the lid might need to be rotated 180°C if you don’t want the surface attached to the build surface to be the visible surface. You might also need some super glue to hold them in place if they’re loose.

This is still in progress but I have printed all of these files and assembled them successfully. Feel free to leave any suggested improvements in the comments.

I also included a STEP file so you guys can mess with it yourselves.

Print Settings


Raise3D N2 Plus










Make sure your bed leveling is perfect or your’re going to regret it when you try to snap the logo into place.



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