I received a manually operated gripper to repair, which I ended up redesigning to be a bit more robust. I did, however, retain the same pivot positions and roughly the same gripper length.
The gripper is activated by an eyelet crimped onto a steel wire. For the pivot, I used a 3mm screw, two plain washers and a Nyloc nut. You may alternately use 1/8” components. I re-used the original spring.
Print the mechanism with at least 25% infill, using supports.
Print the tips in flexible/rubber material with at least 25% infill, no supports. If you can’t print with flexible material, then glue on some rubber (neoprene) strips of around 2mm thick.
For a robotic application, crimp a 3mm (1/8”) electrical eyelet onto a piece of thin steel rope (or whatever you can get). Activate the gripper using a reasonably powerful servo motor. You may need to use a return spring.
The gripper was designed in ViaCAD with no post-processing.



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