Headset/Headphone Holder/Stand

Headset/Headphone Holder/Stand

This is a self-designed headset/headphone holder/stand with some special curved design structures. The dimensions are around 155x145x220mm and my headset (Steelseries Arctis 9 Pro) fits on it pretty well. The holder at the top has a width of 40mm. The headset holder is divided into two parts and the upper part is plugged onto the foot part. If you have trouble placing the upper part on the foot part, try filing down the edge of the top piece or the pins a bit first.

I added a second foot part with an additional cable channel.

I placed the upper part of the stand diagonally lying on my print bed. I needed a lot of support structures and they weren´t that easy to remove (at least with my selected settings), but therefore the curved structures came out well.

Have fun with it and post your version!

Print Settings

Printer brand: Anycubic
Printer: All-metal Mega
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.26
Infill: 20
Filament brand: ecoPLA
Filament material: PLA



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip Stand1 MB

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