Hinged Cable Clip Divided

Hinged Cable Clip Divided

Hinged Cable Clip Divided

Is your absence of cable management scaring away your relatives and causing turmoil in your relationships with others? I can’t help you with that… but this might… Behold the Hinged Cable Clip! This little wonder will print a sturdy clip to quickly manage that monstrosity behind your entertainment center, workbench, or computer desk, Steve!

HARDWARE: (either)
• 2.5 x 10mm wood screw
• ½” wide double sided tape

Prints as one part. Hinges should print correctly with default PrusaSlicer settings. After print completes carefully pry open the clip, this should slowly break lose the hinge. attached to any surface using either 2.5mm wood screw or ½” wide double side tape.

Filament: PETG
Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
Print Height: 0.2-0.35mm
Infill: 10-20%



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